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DeCeLeRate - Anti Wrinkle Cream

DeCeLeRate - Anti Wrinkle Cream

Matrixyl®, Argireline® with Liposome encapsulated Peptides - Age reversal technology recommended for Ageing and 'lifting' of the skin.

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R 610.00 (VAT incl.)


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Actives in DeCeLeRaTe reduce fine lines and depth of wrinkles. Restores skin back to its useful appearance, whilst promoting the stimulation of collagen production. This highly active product is suitable for all skin types with visible signs of ageing and will promote tissue repair. Proven to reduce the depth of the wrinkle surface by up to 67%, in clinical trials of these active ingredients. For best results use for a minimum of three months.


Active ingredients: Argireline, Matrixyl Acetyl hexapeptide -3, Oligopeptide, Triglyceride lipid complex, Phospholipids.


Peptide Products

  • Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide -3) pure 10 ml 
  • Copper Peptide pure 10 ml
  • CircleLight 15ml


Size: 60ml